The Jane Link Spring Scholarship 2019

Who is Jane Link ?

Jane Link has been a  mentor and leader among nurse practitioners. She is recognized

for the dedicationshe has to the profession and the time she has  given to patients, students

and colleagues. She graduated from the fourth class of NP students from UNC Chapel Hill in

1975.  She took the first certification exam ever offered to Nurse Practitioners in 1976.  At that

time Nurse Practitioners were certified but did not have to graduate from a masters prepared

program.  At age 50 Jane went back to school and completed the requirements for a Masters

in Nursing from Samuel Meritt University in 2003.  Jane has practiced in a variety of practice

settings including rural health, woman's health, pediatrics, urgent care and family  practice. 

       Currently She practices as a Nurse Practitioner for CVS Minute Clinic in Wilmington, NC. 

Ms. Jane Link is a founding member of Metrolina Coalition of Nurse Practitioners. She had

served as MCNP Regional Liaison for over 16 years prior to retiring.  In addition she has been a

member of NCNA/SCNA for the entirety of her nursing career. 


The Jane Link scholarship fund was created by the Metrolina Coalition of Nurse  Practitioners

(MCNP) Board of Directors in 2007 to honor the dedication and achievements of

the organizations’ co-founder Jane link.  


To support nurse practitioners students who are currently enrolled in an accredited nurse

practitioner program. The Jane Link Spring  Scholarship is intended to advance the profession

of nurse practitioners by fostering professional development and leadership opportunities in

MCNP student members. Scholarship recipients will be expected to participate in selected 

MCNP organizational activities throughout the year. 

Who is Eligible

All nurse practitioner student candidates must meet the following application criteria:

1.  Be enrolled and attending an accredited graduate nurse practitioner program.

2.  Eligible candidates must also be in good standing per program director.

3.  Have a grade point average of 3.0 or better (on a 4.0 scale).

4.  Be an active MCNP member in good standing with MCNP.


The Jane Link Spring Scholarship in an amount to be determined by the MCNP Board of

Directors will be awarded annually each Spring.

--Deadline for all interested applicants is midnight  March 31, 2019 

--All applications must be submitted electronically on or before the respective deadlines. 

--Notification of Award MCNP Board of Directors shall notify the chosen scholarship recipient

     of its decision. 

- - Once you have submitted your application, this allows the MCNP Board of Directors to designate a MCNP scholarship ad hoc committee to review your information.  Your information will be kept protected and seen only by this committee.  

The scholarship payment will be made after the next MCNP monthly dinner meeting. All

scholarship checks will be made payable to the scholarship recipient. 

**The MCNP Scholarship Fund Committee retains the right to withhold scholarship grants in any year if no candidate is determined to be qualified. 

Application Requirements 

1.  Complete the MCNP  Jane Link Spring Scholarship application form.

2.  Provide a current copy of unofficial school transcript. 

3.  Include most recent Curriculum Vitae (CV).

4. Provide one letter of recommendation (one must be from faculty) and an optional second

    letter from a preceptor, colleague, supervisor etc… may also be submitted if the applicant  

    so chooses. 

5.  Write a 500 words or less essay explaining why you have chosen to become a nurse

    practitioner and how your involvement in the Metrolina Coalition of Nurse Practitioners will

    have an impact on your practice as a nurse practitioner after graduation.

How to Apply

Please submit completed application by midnight on the above noted date electronically         

( form is on the scholarship application page).